ur.se- skola-”The prince who thinks he is a rooster”/ Christina is writing the thoughts that come up during discussion

” We all make choices all the time”-

  • we can choose the person we want to be
  • we can choose what we will eat
  • you have limits too, because you can be born in a way that limits you.
  • we can change when we mature

”we are all who we choose to be”

  • you can have an operation to become a man ( if you are a woman)
  • you can certainly choose whatever you want, but maybe my parents will not accept my choice.
  • you can make your dream happen if you follow your intuition


” Is it always good to be stuck in your own ideas?”
No, you have to open your brain’s door to have your ideas come out.

” Can you choose who want to be?”
Yes I can choose my life, but there are a few problems on my way

” Who can influence you to think differently?”
People can influence me to think differently, when they give me other ideas so that I can think differently

I think people can influence you to think differently


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