UR.se- skola- ” The prince who thought he was a rooster”- Christina is writing the class’ response

Q: Can you choose who you want to be?
A from the class: ”In my head I can be whatever I want to be”
” If I want to be nice I can be nice”
” You cannot choose to be a bully, because it will make                                                 other people feel shame”
” It will be very hard for a woman to become a man, but it                                           is possible”

Q: ” Can you choose differently and have a different life?”
 A from class:  ” You can choose to quit a habit eg. drugs or alcohol, and
have a better life”
” School can change me because I learn English and I can                                            fly to different countries and speak English”

Q: Who can influence you to think differently?
A from class:       ” Whoever can give us new thoughts”
” Music can give us new thoughts”
” Doctors and therapy can do that”
” You can learn new things from Books and films and TV”

Q: Is it good to be stuck in your own ideas? 
A from class: ” I don´t want a bucket stuck to my foot”
                             ” No, because I want to get new ideas, because it is good to
compare new things and models”    




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