ur.se-skola- Straight to the top/ Sherlock Holmes


Her name is Amanda.
She is climbing in the local climbing club.
She is trying to climb the impossible wall at the climbing club.
She falls often when she tries to climb the impossible wall.
When she is nearly at the top she is looking up and she sees a pair of green sneakers.
Who is that.
No one has passed me,Is that a ghost………
Mr. Sanchez who is a climbing teacher waves to everybody and says I am gonna make the
impossible wall look easy.
who is next, says Mr. Sanchez.
Amanda has to climb. the impossible wall at the climbing club.
She must breathe in her heart.
She climbs and she did it.
And she is not scared.
Everybody and Mr. Sanchez claps hands.
Because she did it. She is happy.