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The king was eaten for breakfast

1.What was the difference between the two King?
King Vikram was kind good king and Karan was jealous and mean king.

2.What did king Karan do every morning?
Every morning king Karan he got up before anyone else.
The coiled up to the mountain to a hut where a blind hermit lived alone.
The king Karan climbed up into a large frying pan, and the hermit cooked
him and ate king Karan for breakfast and licked the bones clean and said the magic words and king Karan came back as good as new.

3.How did king Karan get his gold and what happened to his heart every time this happened?
The hermit came out with his magic hat and shook the hat magic and hundreds of gold coins to king Karan. Every time the hermit was baking for breakfast king gets smaller and he became mean king.

4.What did the swan tell king Vikram?
The swan ask please help to bring back her husband, the king Karan caught my husband and locked him in on the cage please.

5.What did king Vikram do then?
He help the swan out and dress up as a poor person so no one would know him.

6.What was his plan.?
His plan was to dress up as a poor man so no one would know Who he was and spy on king Karan and what king Karan was doing and bring the swan husband back.

7.How did king react when he come one morning and found the hermit was full up.?
King Karan was angry when the hermit was full and didn’t not have the magic hat, the magic hat was gone and king Karan was sad the he don’t know what to do now he don’t have no more gold coins to give his people.

8.What happened when king Vikram came to visit king Karan?
King Vikram came with the hermit magic hat to give him back the magic hat and said but I think this might be what you looking for. The swan is my good friend I will be happy to give magic hat back but if you please Let my friends go free from the caged .

  1. There a message in the tale/story?
    Yes to not be jealous, be kind don’t be mean person and Love each other.


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