Ur.se_ Who owns the sky? Christina writes the class’ discussion


What would the fishermen do without any water?

They could try to get back the water from the farmer boy.

They could destroy the blockage, and be happy.

Who owns the water?

Nobody owns the water.

What did the fishergirl do to receive help?

The fishergirl goes to find the missing water.

The girl goes to the farmervillage where she meets the farmerboy, and she is not happy. She tells him it is not right for the farmers to steal all the water – the fishermen have no food

Are the farmers going to help the fishermen?

The farmers suggest that the fishermen can move to them.

What did the fishergirl do before the river dried up?

She was fishing. After the water was gone, they only ate old shoes. it’s grose!

What did the farmerboy harvest from the garden?

He harvested (= skördade) carrots.

  • It is bad that the farmerboy stole all the water.
  • The blockage(the dam) stopped the water in the river
  • it is not good that the fishervillage has to eat old shoes.
  • I like that it is a brave girl that tries to work out the mistery about the missing water
  • Please share !

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