What I really want to learn / Sailor Moon

What I really want to learn!
I really want learn more English because i will understand that language more.
I want to learn how to understand English better and how to spell and understand more English. I want to learn how opinions are expressed and How words are pronounced more. I want to understand how to spell words better.
When I watch English films, I want to understand what they say in English and be able to understand what they say in the English films.
I like English and want to keep working in English at school with my teacher. English feels important to me and I want to continue to work and teach me English at school as much as possible.

That’s all I have to say.
I use English in sweden when I greeting to people in the bus or in the street. I like to use English when I say hello or talk to people in Stockholm. I want to understand English when I am reading English books or playing English games. Sometimes I’m watching English programs on web tv on internet or youtube. I want also understand English when i travel in
different countries.
Some people I meet people in church or streets they can’t speak Swedish so those people I talk English to. Sometimes I talk English in web chat. Some people in different chat rooms can’t speak Swedish so I talk English to them.

I like English very much and love that
language. I hope to use English more.

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